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Every year our alumni help the Leeds Beckett community to thrive.

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Alumni help strengthen our commitment to providing an excellent student experience

They support our students through mentoring, by taking part in our guest lecture programme or by providing placement opportunities.

As well as sharing their own valuable knowledge and insights with our students, many of our mentors and guest lecturers find themselves challenged and developing their own skills by engaging with our inquisitive and thought provoking students.


Since 2010, more than 1,500 students have volunteered through our partner organisations.

Student view Physical Education graduate Hanne Boggon talks about how studying at Leeds Beckett has developed her personally.

Student veiw Sports Coaching graduate Jack Riley talks about how the placement opportunities at Leeds Beckett helped him get to where he is today.

Become a mentor

Our mentoring schemes offer you the opportunity to make a real difference to a student interested in your industry or sector. Students can gain real-life insights into your profession which help them make focused career decisions and get a head start.

Our alumni make the best mentors for our students as they’re able to share their unique experiences of our university, and therefore, how someone looking to follow in their footsteps can make the most of the opportunities we offer them.

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Support a placement

Leeds Beckett prides itself on delivering courses that are both at the cutting edge of current research and reflect the real world experience of work. Many of our students undertake placements – whether this be for a few weeks or a whole year, work-based learning is a key component for a lot of our courses, by offering placements you could get the freshest talent into your company, bringing with them an insight into current academic development in their particular discipline.

Offering student placements invites the freshest talent into your company, bringing with them an insight into current academic development in their particular discipline.


Present a guest lecture

If you have expertise on a particular topic or have great insights to share about how our students can make themselves as employable as possible, we’d love to welcome you back to speak to students.

Donating your time to give a guest lecture to students provides you with the opportunity to revisit your old campus and see how our university has developed since you were last here.

I really enjoy the inquisitive and thought-provoking nature of the students. I routinely get asked questions which create real, positive discussions which shows me that they are developing their knowledge and skills through questioning practice and comparing evidence, which is vital.

Josef Faulkner Operations Manager, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust and Leeds Beckett Guest Lecturer

Whilst developing my knowledge in a professional environment I gained the confidence to pursue a personal goal of working in asset and investment management, as a result of this and support from my tutors I have started an exciting career working for APAM.

Sam Royale BSc (Hons) Building Surveying

People have invested in you along the way. Whether that's a tutor at university, a mentor at work or something in between. People have gone out of their way to share their knowledge and passion with you, and whether you realise it or not, it'll have made a big difference to you. Now you can be that person to somebody else.

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Graham Albans Chris Evans Breakfast Show Producer and Leeds Beckett Guest Lecturer

beckett connect

Beckett Connect is an exclusive network for Leeds Beckett graduates. Support students at Leeds Beckett by offering mentoring, guest lectures, career support and much more.

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the next generation

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A university education has the power to transform lives like no other experience. By studying at Leeds Beckett University students raise their aspirations, gain knowledge and learn new skills, and leave with the potential to change their lives and have an impact on the world around them. Why not make a donation to help our current students fulfil their potential?

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