our donors

Who are our donors?

Our donors are people who have made a simple yet incredibly meaningful decision to support Leeds Beckett University. By donating they have helped transform lives and created new opportunities for our students. 

Without the support of our alumni and friends we wouldn’t be able to offer the financial support that we do. We’re delighted to formally recognise the contribution that our donors make, and share some of the stories of why they support our university.

Your generosity

Leeds Beckett are forever grateful for the generous contributions of our alumni community and friends of the university. Without their support, we wouldn't be able to help the 280 students we have over the past 10 years.

Dr Gillian Batcup, Class of 2012

Professor Donald Bligh, Class of 1958

Joy Boden, Class of 1975

Amanda Brennan, Class of 2002

Victoria Campbell, Class of 2011

Hilary Catchpole, Class of 1997

Paul Challis, Class of 1997

Martin Collin

Susan Colquhoun, Class of 1982

William Cormack, Class of 1968

Carol Davison, Class of 1980

Heather Duffy, 2001

Stephen Evans, Class of 1993

Harry Fowler, Class of 1981

Anthony Gash, 1975

Aaron Goddard, Class of 2001

Ann Grindley

Dr Gillian Hampden-Thompson, Class of 1992

Stuart Hughes, Class of 1982

Christine Hunter, Class of 1978

Christina Jasinski-Smith, Class of 1976

Luisa Lyons, Class of 2001

Colin Mason, Class of 1976

Richard McConnell, Class of 2007

Iain McDougle

Robert Mitchell, Class of 1976

Sir Bob Murray CBE, Class of 1972

Barry Oldham, 1995

Ernest Oxendale, Class of 1973

Sandy Reid, Class of 1976

Peter Rice, Class of 1974

Kevin Scott, Class of 1982

Lesley Semmens, Class of 1993

Christine Sherlock, Class of 1983

Peter Smith

Anthony Snowdon, Class of 1999

Christopher Stephens, Class of 1976

Stuart Webber, Class of 2004

Huw Williams, Class of 1982

Donate and make a difference today

Every donation, no matter the size, helps our students to achieve their goals. If you are interested in giving back, either donate or find out the other ways you can contribute to the Leeds Beckett student experience.