Bob Mitchell

Bob Mitchell graduated from the Carnegie School of Physical Education – today the Carnegie School of Sport at Leeds Beckett University – in 1976. Bob’s education led on to a career in sports teaching and coaching, working as a coach and in administration for England Basketball, and as a Vice Principal for one of the country’s largest schools.


University donor and graduate Bob Mitchell in front of Sydney opera house.

What do you remember about being at university here?

My three years at university, back in the day it was the Carnegie School of Physical Education, were the best three years of my life.

We celebrated the end of our course with the Carnegie Formal Dinner in June 1976. As Carnegie Hall President I was invited to make the speech on behalf of the student body. I remember long walks round the sports fields rehearsing my speech, which turned out to be great preparation for teaching. My education at Carnegie led straight on to my first teaching post in Coventry, and I received my Certificate in Education in the post when I had already started teaching!

“We’ve been delighted to be able to set up the Carnegie Class of 75-77 Scholarship so that those of us who benefited from an education at Carnegie can help those doing the same thing today. It’s important to invest in students because they are the future and we need to give them the best possible start. I believe if we can help students who are motivated and determined to be successful, then any support we can give them, whether it be financially or through mentoring or coaching can only be beneficial for those students.”

Why did you decide to become a donor?

When I think back to my time here in the mid-70s, everything was paid for - the food, the accommodation, the course was paid for, so we had nothing to worry about. These days I know how difficult it is financially. I donate because as my children were getting older I realised how difficult it was for them going on to higher education, and I wanted to do something to make sure that students had as full a time as possible to develop their learning, their potential, and to be as positive and as successful as possible.

I helped to set up the Carnegie Class of 75-77 Scholarship, which has bought on board a large number of fellow Carnegie graduates to support one student in the Carnegie School of Sport each year.

What will your story be?

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