Lauren Priestley, BA (Hons) Criminology with Psychology

I've loved psychology throughout high school and college, and I wanted to progress my knowledge in this area even further. Studying psychology alongside criminology at Leeds Beckett made absolute sense to me, as my career ambition is to join the police force, and this degree gives me the perfect kick start towards that.


Scholarship recipient Lauren Priestley

Why did you choose to study Criminology with Psychology at Leeds Beckett University?

I want to join the police force when I graduate, so studying psychology alongside criminology made absolute sense to me. I loved psychology throughout high school and college, and wanted to further my knowledge in this area.

"Leeds is my home town and I always knew I wanted to stay here, but I chose Leeds Beckett because I felt a sense of belonging on the Open Day. I didn’t want to look elsewhere because I knew that Leeds Beckett was where I wanted to be.”

What does the Bright Futures Scholarship mean to you?

I work a part-time job to be able to fund everything I need for university. My mother is a single parent and I cannot and do not want to ask her for any extra support, and this has been quite stressful for the both of us.

Working long hours interrupts the amount of time I have to study and I definitely feel that this impacted on how well I was progressing. Thanks to the scholarship my education can take priority over work and the anxiety over balancing my time between the two.

Receiving this scholarship makes me feel very proud. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that everyone who has donated to this scholarship have given me. I know that I will be able to go on and achieve a great career thanks to the people who have supported this scholarship.”

What will your story be?

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