Matt Johns - BSc (Hons) Music Technology, 2010

After Matt graduated in 2010 with a first class honours he went straight into a role as a runner for a television programme before accepting his current role at Coda Post Production in London.


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Whilst studying at Leeds Beckett, Matt worked on projects including the Open Mic night at our Student's Union. Matt also entered The Studio Challenge, a competition with five music students from five different colleges in the Leeds area; working in a team they were given a song to recreate in just 24 hours, producers from the industry judged the competitions and we won!

He went on to say it was because of the skills and knowledge he picked up from the course at Leeds Beckett University that gave him the ability to excel in the industry. He said: "The course was well structured, fun and practical. This course had a broad range of spectrum, its wasn't just the technical skills I learnt but also the creative skills. The amazing thing was the freedom of been able to use the facilities such as the studios. This helped me put the teaching into practice.”

Matt has previously worked on programmes such as Law and Order: UK

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