Matthew Graham - MA Contemporary Literature, 2012

Matthew studied an undergraduate course at Leeds Metropolitan University and then completed a Masters in Contemporary Literature.


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"For me wanting to focus on philosophy and the critical theory side of English and History I thought that the module choices at Leeds Met were better because of the way it's tailored to this. As well as literature and having fresh ways to look at traditional texts; there was a module that was running in my first year - Appropriate Shakespeare that contained a lot of film and different sorts of media as well as very traditional texts.

"The course seemed like a natural extension from my undergraduate study in English Literature and History. It offers a broad scope because it's so interdisciplinary, you get to cover a lot of bases so when it's not English Lit specifically, there's a lot of sociology, philosophy, history can still be brought into it - it's quite versatile.

"I worked in Disability Support throughout my studies and I continued to do so after before starting a PhD at Manchester Metropolian University. My masters helped me further my knowledge so that I could advise undergraduates to get as much as possible out of university. Even just having the research skills – you find a lot with students who may be their focus is on practical or vocational aspects, so you can really advise people more clearly on how to get the most out of the systems that are available here too."

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