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Beckett Food is Leeds Beckett University's food and retail service.

We nourish our community with quality, fresh and authentic food and drink prepared by our chefs and baristas each day. We have a strong focus on supporting our community and doing good to help make a difference to the environment and our society, all profit is reinvested into our university.

We offer variety and choice across 10 outlets at our city and headingley campus:

City Campus

  • Beckett Kitchen (Rose Bowl)
  • R.B Espresso
  • Campus Shop (Portland Building)
  • Café Gaia (Leslie Silver Building)
  • Intermissions (Broadcasting Place)

Headingley Campus

  • Beckett Kitchen (Campus Central)
  • Tiki Coffee Shop (Campus Central)
  • Campus Shop (Campus Central)
  • Chick Shack (Campus Central)
  • Carnegie Café (Carnegie School of Sport)
  • Light blue coffee cup on dark blue background

    We recycle coffee cups

  • White chefs hat on black background

    Fresh food prepared daily by our chefs

  • Light blue fish on darkblue background

    We use MSC certified fish

  • orange fruit bowl on yellow background

    Gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan choices

  • red heart on yellow background

    Nourishing our community

  • Maroon leaf on pink background

    Fairtrade tea and coffee

  • Orange lightning on yellow background

    Food waste is turned into energy and fertiliser

  • Green mountains on yellow background

    99% of waste diverted from landfill

  • Red recycle heart on maroon background

    All profits reinvested into our university

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