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Five reasons why we need more gender balanced leadership in every area of life

Despite half of the world’s population being female, that figure doesn’t translate into 50% of positions of power being held by women globally.


Natasha Stromberg

I have always believed in female leadership and with climate change and environmental destruction in a critical phase, it is becoming more and more apparent that we need a greater number of women in leadership roles to lead with compassion for ALL of humanity, not just for women.

Here are my top five reasons of why we need more gender balanced leadership in the world and that means more women.


1. To create a more compassionate society

Unfortunately due to unfair and limiting gender stereotypes, men have not been allowed to display compassion and kindness in their working and personal lives to the same extent that women have. Until this changes and we see a more balanced representation of compassion in men and women, we need more women to lead in every area of human life to create a kinder society.

2. To tackle climate destruction

Climate change, or more accurately climate destruction, is an ever-growing catastrophe, yet our mainly male-led governments continue to turn a blind eye to the urgency of the situation. We believe that women in general have a greater spiritual connection with Mother Earth, focusing on the greater picture and less on greed and over consumption. In the absence of governmental leadership, many women are becoming leaders in business and in their own communities and are leading at the sharp edge of climate change for the benefit of all of humanity.

To represent women

It's incredible to think just how under-represented women are in senior roles in society, whether it be in the political or the economic sphere. Women need to hear authentic female voices in public life to relate to and to role model. Women’s voices need to be heard when it comes to very real issues such as childcare, education and women’s health, subjects largely ignored in our public discourse by a gender imbalanced civic leadership.

4. To keep the peace

A common saying is that ‘if women ruled the world, we’d have world peace’ and I believe that there is a lot of truth in this statement. Our world desperately needs to find peace and end constant, expensive and deadly wars. I have worked with the British Armed Forces when judging the ‘Women in Defence awards’ and know that more and more, the armed forces are using the skills of women to focus on peace keeping and resolving conflicts through dialogue and peaceful engagement.

5. To transform our economy

As women, we have a unique relationship with Creation and understand that the Earth’s resources are finite. Our current economic model is highly destructive, and it’s critical that we move to a more sustainable capitalistic model. We believe that female-led businesses are and will continue to be at the forefront of the drive for responsible capitalism, rather than continuing with the short-sighted, smash and grab accumulative model of capitalism which we are currently living in and which has very little gender balance at the top where decisions are made.

Natasha Stromberg

Natasha is the CEO and founder of Genderbuzz® a consulting and media company which transforms organisations from being stuck in the past to being vibrantly future-facing when they become gender equal.

Through her specialist courses on the Gender Pay Gap, her Women’s Leadership Academy and her Inclusive Cultures programme, Natasha is disrupting the business landscape and betting on Gender Equality being the biggest driver of social and economic change the world has ever seen.

Natasha uses her powerful voice on social media, in public speaking and on national radio. Her articles have been published in Huffington Post, Women’s Health Magazine, Nativa Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, Real Business Magazine and After Ellen.

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