The blogs have focused on Physical Education and School Sport (PESS) and highlighted the need for practitioners to better understand the diversity of learners within our classrooms (Cooke & Dillon). Attention was also given to parents and their knowledge and understandings of PESS (Quarmby, Powell & Dillon). We also considered the position and place of Dance in education (Connell). Collectively these blogs demonstrate the breadth of possibilities that PESS brings to teachers, undergraduate students and young people.

For undergraduate students, our goal is to support them to have a positive impact on the world of PESS. In essence, within the PE programme we promote an outlook that every participant matters and everyone has a right to take part in PESS. We strive to nurture creative practitioners who look beyond traditional and stereotypical views of those who participate. We want our undergraduate students to be flexible and adaptable. The more experience of working with different groups, the more our students can learn to adapt activities for differently skilled people.

Our students have a passion and commitment to PESS and we want them to pass their enthusiasm onto young people in PE and community sport.

Wheelchair basketball coaching
A PE coaching class

Professor Hayley Fitzgerald

Professor / Carnegie School Of Sport
Hayley joined our University in September 2005 as a Senior Lecturer. She teaches on a range of undergraduate and postgraduate modules focusing on social and cultural aspects of leisure, sport and physical education.

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