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Sport and Exercise Science graduate secures a job working at a leading cardiothoracic hospital

From a Sport and Exercise Science student, to Respiratory Physiologist, James McManus tells us about his time at university and how he secured his role at the Royal Papworth Hospital.

Alumni sitting in front of cardio testing facilities

“I chose to study sport and exercise science at Leeds Beckett because not only was the course accredited by the British association of sport and exercise science (BASES), the course offered both clinical and sport performance-based modules. This appealed to me as when I started university, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to work within a clinical or sport setting.

I’m extremely proud to say that I work at The Papworth hospital in Cambridge, one of the world's leading cardiothoracic hospitals and the UK's main heart and lung transplant centre. My current role, as a respiratory physiologist involves conducting routine and some advanced lung function tests, which provide vital data used in the diagnosis, treatment and management of many respiratory and cardiovascular conditions treated at Papworth.

My interest in clinical physiology stems from second year where during my professional development module I gained clinical experience at various hospitals, including Leeds and Sheffield Teaching Trusts. Further to this the range of volunteering opportunities offered at Leeds Beckett allowed me to gain hands on clinical skills which heavily apply to my current role.

I got where I am because, the clinical modules I studied in final year, including cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation and clinical physiology as well as my dissertation allowed me to develop my knowledge and skills, which lay a great foundation for my role as a physiologist.

My course also put me into contact with individuals who helped me to gain clinical experience. For example, I learnt how to conduct ECGs, spirometry and Cardiopulmonary Exercise Tests whilst volunteering for the heart watch program.

My greatest achievement to date would be graduating from Leeds Beckett, closely followed by securing a job in a field of work I thoroughly enjoy. My advice to anyone joining the Sport and Exercise Science course would be to make the most of all the opportunities given to you during university. You might discover an interest in something you may have never thought you would!”

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