Along with Senior Lecturer Martyn Rainford, Dr Dunn recently collaborated with BasementArtsProject, Shimmer Twin (Echo & The Bunnymen) and JRM, Paris on ‘Everybody, Look Surprised!’, the 10th and final iteration of an ongoing sound art project, and premiered their vinyl dubplate, pressed by MAP Charity, Leeds, at an abandoned Paris railtrack. He also took part in a collaboration with Canadian poet and artist Derek Beaulieu on ‘(drowned out by traffic noise): a, A Novel’, a limited edition CD inspired by Beaulieu’s ‘a, A novel’, facilitated by Director of Research Dr Simon Morris.

Alan has worked with Paul Ratcliff, a Principal Lecturer from the School of Film, Music & Performing Arts, on ‘Mill Workers’, a new soundwork presented at Sunny Bank Mills Archive for the 1,200 people attending their three-day Heritage Open Days. Alan and Paul also contributed to a major new audio work ‘Reflect Your Futures’ by BLOORT which premiered at the BLAUES RAUSCHEN (Blue Noise) Electronic Music Sound Experiments Festival in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. They have made new recordings and curated audio material for the collaged work that considers the decline of coal mining across Europe, including collaborations with The National Mining Museum, North East singer-songwriters Ribbon Road, recent MA Art & Design graduate Naomi Gilby and artists’ group Foreign Investment.

Reflect Your Futures

Reflect Your Futures

Dr Alan Dunn

Reader / Leeds School Of Arts

Alan Dunn studied at Glasgow School of Art and School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His research explores new models for curating content for non-gallery audiences and his recent PhD considered the relationship between sound art and the everyday.

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