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Leeds School of Arts Academic Developing an Innovative Story Game App

Dr Anna Zaluczkowska, a reader from Leeds School of Arts, is supporting the development of a new prototype story gaming app through the SSN. Anna needs writers and colleagues working within media to play some stories as well as offer feedback through the SSN.

The Secret Story Network (SNN) is a Leeds Becket University research project and a partnership between interactive story experts, academics, TV writers, producers, directors, app builders and audiences.  

They recently received funding to build a prototype app and develop new story games. As part of this exciting work SNN are running a series of live stories and a workshop to discover what stories, technology and functionality will improve these collaborative experiences.

Discover how a chat-based story game becomes a massive audience experienceā€¦

If you are interested in interactive storytelling and can dedicate a few hours to help us with our research we will share the results with you. Plus it will be a great experience and insight into modern interactive media business. 

There are 3 things interested parties will need to do: 

1. Take part in an SSN story on WhatsApp (for 90 minutes) in the week of the 13th January

2. Feedback online (10 minutes)

3. Attend a workshop on the 23rd of January at Leeds Becket University between 10am and 3pm

Sign Up for the Workshop here.

Dr Anna Zaluczkowska

Reader / Leeds School Of Arts

Anna is an award-winning filmmaker and writer and has had works screened at film festivals throughout the world, on television, in museums and at live events. Her academic interests include screenwriting, transmedia narratives, Northern Irish cinema and film-making practice.

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