Your student email is changing

On 7 September your University email changed from one provided by Google (Gmail) to a new Microsoft Outlook email. You can access your new Microsoft email account via MyBeckett. Your email address and password remains the same.

There is no need to move your old Gmail emails as the University has used a service to move all of your content (including contacts and email categories) to your new account. You can still access your old Gmail account until 15 December 2017 (and we’ll send you emails reminding you of this) but from 7 September all new emails will be in your new Microsoft Outlook email account.

You will need to update your own devices to ensure they access Outlook rather than Googlemail/Gmail. Our IT support pages provide instructions on how to do this and if you encounter any problems please ask Library staff for help.

Our FAQ "I have added my student email to the Outlook app - why am I not receiving any new emails" should help.

You can still access Google Drive using your University email address and password or via MyBeckett.

Please note that the use of email, software and apps provided by Leeds Beckett University must be used in accordance with our data protection and IT policies.

Don't open any attachments or follow any links that you think might be suspicious.

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