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At Leeds Beckett University, we view all of our relationships with our customers as a long-term commitment. We treat everyone that connects with us in the same way from day one.

When you engage with us for the first time, we will help you to navigate the wealth of support available to you across our university. We will ensure that you get the right support from the right engagement manager. And that person will be your contact throughout the duration of your relationship with us.

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Read what some of our customers say about their relationship with us:

  1. “From the first introduction, the LBU team listened to what we are trying to achieve and worked with us to identify opportunities to collaborate, such as:

    • The Small Business Leadership Programme
    • ERDF AD:VENTURE support for a start-up business via the university’s ACCELERATE project
    • Student projects looking at potential business opportunities
    • Our Management Knowledge Transfer Partnership (mKTP) – we now have a full-time member of Leeds Beckett staff embedded in the business, working with us to translate this project into reality

    “We have the backing of a superb team of Leeds Beckett academics who are experts in their fields and understand the challenges.”

    Matthew Fletcher – Commercial Director, Global Doors

  2. “I spoke to Calderdale Council who mentioned Leeds Beckett and the Business Recovery Programme. When we got in touch with them, they educated us about numerous pathways we could take for guidance and support as a growing business.

    “These include, though are not limited to: the Business Recovery Programme, #WECAN, Kickstart and Apprenticeship schemes. We have accessed or hope to access all the above.

    “The benefit of us accessing this phenomenal number of talented recourses has been that we continue to grow as a business, with a firmer idea of where it is possible for us to go, and with what help we can access. This is a firm foundation on which we can expand and grow.”

    Gemma Towle – Director, The Todmorden Commercial Cleaning Company Limited

  3. “I took part in the Small Business Leadership Programme (SBLP) at Leeds Beckett. Completing the leadership programme resulted in our decision to apply for a Management Knowledge Transfer Partnership (mKTP). The Leeds Beckett team quickly grasped the challenges we were facing and facilitated the successful application.

    “We identified that the opportunities of having somebody to co-ordinate all of the initiatives that we need to do will lead to not only 20% productivity increment, it will lead to improvement in culture, and improvements in marketing, leadership and training. It’s an ideal opportunity to really drive the business forward.

    “As a result of the SBLP, we have fast-tracked our IT upgrade, we are more profitable than we’ve ever been before, and we are more efficient. The future is looking really very good.”

    Andrew Shakespeare – Managing Director, Tomrods

  4. “Our Sales and Operations Manager took part in the Small Business Leadership Programme at Leeds Beckett. The team at the university are consistently able to deliver high-quality learning and development programmes for businesses. They demonstrate an in-depth understanding of what we require at each step of the way – and have armed us with the skills and tools to help in today’s business environment.

    “Through the mKTP, I am looking forward to seeing our systems and processes challenged and reset to become more efficient and effective – and for strategic marketing to become a fundamental, embedded business activity and not just a book title on a shelf. I can’t wait to get going to see just how much our colleagues are capable of delivering in this new collaborative environment.”

    Rick Parsons – Director, iKoustic Limited