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Supplying Our University

Welcome to Leeds Beckett University’s Procurement information for suppliers.  You can find information on how to become a supplier to our University, invoicing our University and how to access our University’s tendering system.

How to Become a Supplier to our University

Our University selects suppliers by either tendering (for high value spend) or seeking quotations (for low value spend).

All tendering opportunities are advertised on the Government’s contract finder website. Please also check our eTendering website where all our tendering opportunities are advertised.

Payments to Suppliers

Payment of Invoices Within 30 Days

In accordance with Regulation 113 of the Public Contract Regulations 2015, Leeds Beckett University discloses its payment of invoices within 30 days:

In the financial year 2019/20 Leeds Beckett University paid 77% of valid, disputed and undisputed invoices within 30 days. 

£471 charges were incurred as a result of non-compliance with the payment deadline.

Changes to the Intermediaries Tax Legislation (IR35)

From April 2017 the Government introduced tax changes which result in increased responsibilities on public sector organisations who engage Personal Service Company (PSC) Contractors. The generally accepted definition of a PSC is a limited company that typically has a sole director, the contractor, who owns most or all of the shares. The contractors PSC generally supplies professional services to end user clients, either directly or via an agency. The professional services are delivered by the contractor who is also the owner and director of the business. The new legislation aims to ensure that individuals who work through their own company pay employment taxes in a similar way to employees, where they would be employed by the public sector organisation were it not for the PSC or other intermediary that they work through. Where our University (or one of its subsidiaries) engages a contractor through a PSC, our University (or its subsidiary) will be responsible for assessing whether the off-payroll rules (often known as IR35) apply. If they do, our University will be liable and responsible for operating payroll and paying the correct taxes to HMRC.

This means the supplier will have to agree to be paid through our payroll system with the payment being subject to withholding for PAYE and National Insurance Contributions. You can check the HMRC website to see if IR35 legislation applies to your company. You can also carry out a self -assessment using the HMRC tool on their website.

Current Suppliers

The Parabilis eMarketplace provides online access to catalogues provided by our contracted suppliers and allows us to send our orders electronically, increasing the speed and efficiency of the purchase-to-pay process. If you are already a user of Parabilis you can login here.

You can now use the eMarketplace to send us your invoices electronically which can mean that you are paid faster. 

If you are interested in this process please contact

For more information or if you wish to trade with us in this manner, please contact John Williams on or email

Payments to Companies

To receive payments you need to send your invoice to Leeds Beckett University, Payments Team, 202 Queen Square House, 80 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, LS2 8NU or email to

Your invoice must quote a purchase order number. Please see our Terms and Conditions of Purchase for Goods and Services for our payment terms.


Our twice weekly BACS runs are carried out on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Payments on a Monday run clear in our supplier bank accounts on Wednesday; payments on a Wednesday run clear on Friday.  If a payment has been made to your bank account you will receive a remittance advice regarding this payment.  This will be sent by email to the address on the supplier account.

For Data Protection purposes we require written proof of our suppliers’ bank details in order to make payments.

For more information, or if you have queries regarding Payment or BACS, please contact Melanie Hirst, Payments Officer, on 0113 812 3451 or email

Payments to Individuals

If you are an individual providing a service to Leeds Beckett, this may be classed as a Consultancy Agreement.  In these cases, an agreement must be set up with our Payroll department ( to facilitate payment.

Delivering to Leeds Beckett

For delivery information click here for more details.

Data Protection

Terms and Conditions

Our University buys on its terms and conditions listed below:

Getting to our University

Our University is well connected.  We have excellent public transport, cycling and walking facilities.

Our City Campus buildings are all within easy walking distance of Leeds City Rail station. Headingley Campus has its own bus stop on campus and is 3 miles out of the city centre on a well-served bus corridor. Headingley Stadium is just a 10 minute walk from Burley Park train station, one stop from Leeds.

For some journeys travelling by car is the only option, if this is the case please contact and we can try to provide a car parking space.

A campus map can be viewed here.

Procurement Strategy

For details of our Procurement Strategy click here.

Sustainable Procurement

Green Impact

The Procurement Team has taken part in the Green Impact Scheme for 2 years, awarded Gold status in year 1, Platinum status in year 2 and individual awards of Environmental Hero and Innovation for Engagement.

The Procurement Team was delighted to be awarded Gold status in our first year of entering the Green Impact scheme. Our Category Manager Russell Brewood was also awarded Environmental Hero of the year.

Environmental Hero of the year

In our second year we took part in a Green Impact project. Find out more information here on our basil growing project and how we involved local supplier Urban Planters.

Sustainability webinar for suppliers

We would like to share this webinar with you, created by our regional purchasing consortia (NEUPC), for suppliers to the Higher Education Sector.

An Approach to Responsible Procurement – Supplier Overview

Equality & Diversity

The focus of our Equality & Diversity Team is to facilitate a consistent and co-ordinated approach to fairness and opportunity across our University.

We support this in Procurement by embedding Equality & Diversity into our Procurement practices including:

  • Incorporating E&D in our tender documents and process.
  • Meeting regularly with our E&D team to exchange ideas and initiatives.
  • The Head of Procurement is a member of the University’s E&D committee.
  • Offering free of charge E&D training to suppliers.
  • Including E&D in the Procurement Strategy

Did you know we offer free Equality & Diversity training to all our current suppliers?  For more information please contact

          Disability Confident Employer  Globalgroup  NUS green impact  Mindful Employer

Modern Slavery Act 2015

Leeds Beckett University’s Slavery and HumanTrafficking Statement.

Please be aware of the Modern Slavery Helpline on Tel: 08000 121700 or online at The Helpline provides information and advice about modern slavery, a 24 hour telephone line and an online reporting function through the website.

Supplier Sustainability tool

We are delighted to share with you access to a new sustainability tool that has been developed for the sector.

  • The tool enables suppliers to the Higher Education sector to create a simple, free sustainability action plan for your business; this plan will form part of our ongoing contract management discussions moving forwards.
  • The tool also addresses issues raised by the Modern Slavery Act, which is a new legislation universities are required to report against; your responses will form part of our annual report.

To access the tool simply go to: and follow the instructions to create a new log-in.

Creating an action plan should take less than half an hour, simply provide your details, explore the impacts that relate to your activities and your action plan will be automatically generated.

Other universities are using the tool but you will only have to complete it once! Please just make sure you check the boxes indicating every organisation you supply.

We look forward to discussing your action plans with you very soon.

If you have any technical problems with the tool, please have a look at our FAQs pages in the tool in the first instance but if your question remains unanswered you can email

Contact Details

Contact the Procurement Team

Framework Agreements

Our University uses many framework agreements from organisations including:

Framework agreements are arrangements that have already undergone a full tender process from which stakeholders can either directly purchase or undertake a smaller competitive exercise. If you are interested in tendering for framework agreements you can contact the organisation through the above links.

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