Undergraduate BA (Hons)

History and Politics

Combine modern history with politics to understand the roots of contemporary issues. Study ideologies and identities and think critically about policies and political institutions.

History and Politics

Course Overview

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    City Campus
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    3 Years
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    18 Sep 2023

Explore pressing issues in contemporary politics, including Brexit, climate change and the resurgence of right-wing populism. You’ll gain an in-depth historical perspective including the rise of the nation-state, European imperialism, and the ideological conflicts of the 20th Century. 

As part of this course, you’ll:

  • Examine how historical events and processes have shaped the modern world, its ideologies and political institutions
  • Understand how circumstances, chance and human agency have affected global events and processes
  • Evaluate theories, methods and approaches relevant to both history and politics and apply these to your studies with confidence and creativity
  • Analyse primary sources and the writings of historians and political scientists
  • Be introduced to political theory and key issues around governance and international relations

This course blends skills in critical thinking from a historical perspective, evaluation of evidence and consideration of context. You’ll also learn to analyse the ideas, ideologies, policies and institutions that form the foundations of modern politics. 

A series of optional modules reflecting the current research interests of staff across both subject teams will enable you to shape your own pathway through the degree.

Why study History & Politics at Leeds Beckett University...

  1. We offer distinctive and creative programmes that are responsive to the changes taking place in society
  2. Develop your flexible and critical thinking by combining two established subjects
  3. Benefit from strong and meaningful partnerships with community organisations
  4. Work on real-world projects such as the Leeds Blitz website
  5. Take assessments that build digital communication skills for the modern world
  6. Get advice from our expert careers service


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