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Mapping the Second World War

History students recently took a range of sources about World War II veteran Fred Barber, kindly provided by his family, and turned it into a range of fascinating interactive maps which helped to bring Fred’s experience of the war to life.

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Applied Humanities Hallmark Peepal

Second year students from history and English courses in the School of Cultural Studies & Humanities were recently given the opportunity to work on live industry briefs set by our partners at Hallmark Cards and Leeds based publishers Peepal Tree Press. 

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Creative assessments on the BA (Hons) History course

In their first year studying the BA (Hons) history course at Leeds Beckett, students learn all the foundational skills to succeed alongside their peers, tutors, and academic advisors. From their second year, students have the opportunity to apply those skills in exciting ways that significantly add to their course experience.  These creative assignments, in modules like Slavery and Unfree Labour, as well as Digital History, enable the students to develop skills like creating podcasts and videos, designing websites, historical mapping, and even designing their own video games.

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Cultural Studies & Humanities Good News - July 2020

The latest good news from the School of Cultural Studies & Humanities in July 2020.

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Students share their creative achievements

Three English with Creative Writing students share their achievements over the last academic year and how studying the course at Leeds Beckett University has developed their skills and imagination.

 Amy Hobbs
 Mackenzie Johnson
 Luke Cable
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No Spring Chicken: is there ageism in the coop?

There’s every chance that you’ll remember Chicken Run from 2000- the story of plucky Ginger, galvanising a reluctant, bewildered hero, Rocky, to save her fellow hens from the jaws of Mrs Tweedy’s Chicken Pie machine. The animated film pulled in a record breaking £161.3 million at the Box Office. I can’t be the only person to have reconsidered my roast chicken dinner habit after the film nor the only one to be so relieved to see a credible female lead: she may be a hen, but Ginger was no chicken. 

 Jayne Raisborough
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Cultural Studies & Humanities Good News - June 2020

The latest good news from the School of Cultural Studies & Humanities.

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Recommended books BLM

Leeds Beckett English Literature student shares her opinion on the BLM movement

Leeds Beckett English Literature student, Alexandra Thompson has written a comment piece on the Black Lives Matter movement.

 Alexandra Thompson
Me, Derrick and my sister in Law Lorraine, at my mums wedding in 2017

The Walters Family Windrush Story

Shalikah Walters-Watson, Leeds Beckett MA Contemporary Literature student, remembers her family history on this year’s Windrush Day.

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National Writing Day 2020 – a short guide to writing creatively

As a reader, writer and tutor, one of my favourite genres is life writing: biographies, autobiographies, and most all, memoirs. In this post for National Writing Day 2020, I want to encourage readers (regardless of prior writing experience) to think about writing creatively of episodes in their own lives.