Postgraduate PG Cert

Sport and Exercise Physiology

Study the functions and responses of the main human systems during exercise and develop your data collection and analysis skills.

Sport and Exercise Physiology

Course Overview

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    Headingley Campus Beckett Park
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    1 Year
  • Start date

    12 Sep 2021

Taught at one of the largest providers of sport in UK higher education – this course will give you an in-depth understanding of the physiological and metabolic effects of exercise and training. You’ll develop the practical skills required to meet the specific needs of the client, be it optimal performance or improved health.

As part of your course you’ll:

  • Build knowledge, expertise and applied experience from working with athletes
  • Develop clinical exercise physiology skills working alongside physiologists and doctors on a research project 


  • Gain clinical exercise physiology skills working with athletes through the university's commercial screening services

With the flexibility to select from a range of modules covering different aspects of sport and exercise physiology, you’ll be able to specialise in an area matched to your career ambitions. 

If you’re studying the MSc, you’ll explore different research methods before conducting a major independent study related to your specific area of interest.

Why study Sport and Exercise Physiology at Leeds Beckett University...

  1. Develop the practical skills needed to meet the specific need of clients, from optimal performance to improved health
  2. Work alongside a dedicated and highly experienced course team on hands-on modules
  3. Tailor your course to your needs by selecting optional modules
  4. Be among the first students to take advantage of the university’s new state-of-the-art Carnegie School of Sport building
  5. Take advantage of our sport volunteering opportunities, which have previously included global events such as the Olympics, World Athletics Championships and Commonwealth Games

Carnegie School of Sport Dr Andrew Manley talks about studying sport at Leeds Beckett

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