academic quality and standards committee

Information about our university's Academic Quality and Standards Committee, including terms of reference

The Academic Quality and Standards Committee is responsible to the Academic Board for overseeing the academic quality, standards and enhancement of our university's taught courses.

The Committee’s main responsibilities are to:

  1. Advise the Academic Board on the development, review and implementation of the Academic Principles and Regulations, quality assurance framework, and associated policies and procedures for taught provision in light of developing national and international expectations regarding quality assurance including the UK Quality Code for HE;
  2. Maintain oversight of academic quality and standards and the implementation of our university’s academic quality assurance framework including partnerships and collaborative provision;
  3. Maintain oversight of the School Academic Committees in relation to the implementation of our university’s academic quality assurance framework in Schools, and to receive regular reports from the Schools concerning academic quality, standards and the enhancement of taught provision;
  4. Promote good practice in the management of quality and standards for taught provision.
  • The Chair of the Committee is Professor Phil Cardew
  • The Secretary of the Committee is Kay Hartley

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