Peace, conflict and human rights

Supporting communities and people who seek to live peacefully and challenge injustice across the UK and globally requires creativity, listening and partnership.

Peace research at Leeds Beckett considers the role of civil society, activists, practitioners and ordinary people in changing their communities, making their voices heard, challenging systems which uphold militarism and the arms trade, and upholding human rights.

We see the building of peace to be complex and contextual, based on relationships, including all those affected and an analysis of power. Peace is built by those involved in the conflict and includes resistance to injustice, protection from violence and building diverse communities.

Peace in communities is affected by International politics, the global arms trade and the dominance of militarism, thus we seek to understand and develop nonviolent responses, solutions and nonviolent protest to address deep Inequalities and power imbalance in the world.

our current research areas


  • Unarmed Civilian Peacekeeping : including AHRC-ESRC PaCCS Funded project in Myanmar, and the UCP Research Network.
  • Gender Politics of Demilitarisation - a PaCCS AHRC-ESRC funded project in Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Non-lethal weapons
  • Amplify local voices: UK based project to understand the role of arts and listening in empowering and amplifying the voices of marginalised people in communities.
  • Peace and Human Rights Practice: assessing shared values and knowledge within international politics
  • Nuclear disarmament: following the Nuclear Ban negotiations and upgrading of nuclear weapons in the UK.

Current and recent PhD Research

  • Winnie Bedigen
  • Craig Brown
  • Masuda Salah
  • Anna Liddell
We welcome PhD students within our areas of expertise. For an initial discussion contact Rachel Julian



The NGO partners we work with are:

Dr Rachel Julian, Reader in Peace Studies
Transforming Conflict resolution

Global civilian peacekeeping is dependant on empowering and enabling local people.