Sustainable IT

The Sustainable IT research group has a long-standing research track record in IT energy measurement and management, as well as energy efficiency which provide the foundation for the group’s research focus on IT sustainability issues.

Our Sustainable IT research is closely aligned to the following: UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals – SDG 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy), SDG 9 (Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure), SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), and SDG 13 (Climate Action); GeSI initiatives for Europe and beyond - Smart2020, Smarter2020, and Smarter 2030. The two facets of our research and their associated research areas are:

  • “Sustainable IT” (Dr. Ah-Lian Kor, Dr. Anatoliy Gorbenko, Emeritus Professor Colin Pattinson, and Mr. Kiran Voderhobli)
  1. ICT environmental impact audit
  2. Data Center - sustainability metrics, thermal characterization, energy efficiency, and green distributed data center architecture (collaborative PERCCOM research together with ENEA, Italy and Universite de Lorraine, France)
  3. ICT Infrastructure and Devices - SNMP monitoring, control, and management of network energy consumption; energy efficient networking together with Orange and Universite de Lorraine, France; energy aware cloud infrastructure; energy efficient software and mobile apps; wireless sensor network interoperability; traffic management for sustainability; reliability and dependability, etc…)
  • “IT for Sustainability” (Professor Jiamei Deng) - smart online monitoring tool for diagnosis and prediction of NPPs’ status during different stages of loss of coolant accident (LOCA) progression; fault tolerant control for NPP safety; (Dr. Giuseppe Colantuono) – renewable energy storage and smart energy grid

Sustainable IT Projects

  • EU Erasmus+ funded CEBMI
  • EU Erasmus+ funded ALIOT
  • EU Erasmus+ funded GLOBE
  • EU EMJMD funded GENIAL
  • EU Interreg NWE funded Red WoLF
  • EU Tempus funded GreenCo
  • Janet UK - development of low-cost, low-energy portable wireless LAN
  • JISC funded Energy Use of Thin Client Technologies (“Does Thin Client Mean Energy Efficiency?”)
  • JISC funded Measuring Data Centre’s Efficiency

Featured research

Green Networking and Cloud Computing (GENIAL)

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  • Dastbaz, M., Pattinson, C., Akhgar, B. (editors, 2015). Green Information Technology: A Sustainable Approach, Morgan Kaufmann