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talking about tourism, events and hospitality

We host an ‘open’ research seminar series each year covering recent advances within the field. We have attracted speakers from universities across the globe to debate issues which affect the events, tourism and hospitality sector.

Here you'll find a selection of the events we have recently hosted.

Sameer Hosany

The importance of emotions in events and tourism

How do we measure emotions? In his seminar Professor Sameer Hosany highlights the need for tourism and events researchers to account for the complexities in measuring emotions and how such measurement impacts theory construction.

The future of tourism research

Professor Metin Kozak (Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey) and Professor Chris Cooper discuss the future of tourism research drawing upon their editorial experience and recent papers in this area.

The pricing strategy of AirBnB

Dr Sauveur Giannoni (Université de Corse Pascal Paoli, Corsica) presents his recent research looking at the effects of host type on pricing within the Airbnb platform. His findings highlight the importance of seasonality and perceived market power.

Measuring destination image

Associate Professor Laura Vici (University of Bologna, Italy) shows how the a newly introduced Visual Object Recognition tool (Google Cloud Vision) can be used to convert visual images posted on Instagram into textual labels. This visual big data produces output on a very fine-grained scale that can be used as a proxy for destination image at different points in time.

Visual methods from traditional visual to big data

Dr Serena Volo (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano,Italy) discusses the need for a better understanding and usage of photographs in tourism research. She advocates for rigorous visual analysis of big data images and discusses different research approaches, with examples from the análisis of visual social networks.

Place attachment and destination brand building

Dr Chris Chenn (University of Canterbury, New Zealand) takes us on a journey through the development and differing perspectives of place attachment. Chris then explores the role of place attachment in predicting place-related behaviours, drawing upon several empirical studies.

Dr Brendan Paddison

Examining the concept of purposeful tourism

Dr Brendan Paddison (York St John University, UK) examines the concept of purposeful tourism, and the potential it holds to facilitate the transformation to a less harmful kind of tourism in response to the industry challenges of overtourism, the climate crisis, the availability and quality of tourism work, and concerns regarding the capacity of communities to absorb tourism.

The challenges of estimating the effect of tourism development on the shadow economy

Professor Neelu Seetaram explained how time series techniques and annual data from 1960 to 2018 show that there is a negative relationship between the shadow economy and tourism development in both the short and long terms.

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