Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences

Unlock the science OF HIGH PERFORMANCE

We're looking beneath the surface of sport. Our broad, interdisciplinary courses will explore the science of how the body works, from biomechanics to nutrition, physiology and psychology.

With programmes endorsed by bodies such as the British Association of Sport and Exercises, you'll get a strong sense of how to optimise the mind and body for sporting excellence.  

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The Sports, Exercise and Health Science subject group is a community of excellent people that represents the beating heart of our state-of-the-art facilities. By integrating high-quality research and practice alongside our learning and teaching environment, we offer our students and partner organisations a unique and inclusive setting where they know their health, progression, and performance are our priorities.

Get to know our courses

Our sport and exercise science courses focus on the application of scientific principles relating to:

  • Biomechanics - Using the latest technology, you'll explore how the human body functions, discuss a range of theories and approaches, and consider how to optimise athletic performance
  • Nutrition - Nutrition is performance fuel. But it's also a factor in many different things, from athletic ability to our everyday health. You'll study principles and ideas that help us optimise performance, and lead healthier, more active lives
  • Physiology - Want to know more about the effects of activity and exercise? Our practical courses explore the physiological and metabolic impacts on the human body, and how to train and treat people better
  • Psychology - The mind plays a crucial role in sport. These courses will challenge you to consider the mental, cultural and psychological factors behind activity and performance

Through our interdisciplinary approach you'll address real-world issues in sports performance and exercise participation.