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People remember their favourite coach. There are lessons to be learned from sport, about performance, teamwork and life. We'll help you on your journey to becoming someone's inspiration.

You'll learn the leadership and communication skills required to reach and motivate someone. You'll learn to devise and deliver sessions to maximise improvement. And you'll learn to listen and reflect, so you're always learning, refining and improving what you do.

The Sport Coaching subject group is the largest of its kind in the world. We have Degree, Master, and Doctoral programmes, delivered by highly experienced staff, informed by research and consultancy with leading industry partners. We focus on practical coaching delivery through placements or explorations of students’ own coaching practice. All of our work is underpinned by values of inclusivity and equity. We have a core goal to support efforts that ensure coaches and coaching are reflective of our society as a whole.

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At Leeds Beckett, we help inspire innovative, compassionate coaches. You'll learn about strategies and techniques for effective coaching, through a mixture of advanced assessment, work-based learning, discussions and placements.

With the support of staff and a diverse, dedicated student community, you'll explore the mental and physical aspects of how to optimise performance. You'll develop your own coaching style, and become a better leader and teammate.

"Leeds Beckett University is one of the best universities for sports and, after doing my research and attending the Open Day, it was a no-brainer. When I attended the Open Day it really cemented how I felt about the university, because it was such an inclusive and warm environment that would enable me to learn and develop."

Naadrah BSc (Hons) Sport Coaching
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Naadrah Hafeez

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Whether you're drawn to a coaching career or a future in research, our courses will help you unlock a fulfilling career in sport.

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There's no better place to learn about coaching and education. For years, we've been delivering pioneering teaching and research, and working with organisations in Leeds and beyond to improve performance.

You'll be supported by renowned coaches who have helped to shape high-performance athletes and community sport. And you'll be part of a university that's always listening, learning and doing.

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Promoting and advancing effective and ethical sport coaching.

We are committed to influencing effective and ethical sport coaching practice to improve participant and performer development experiences and outcomes, and supporting coach learning, development, and education.

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