Craig Stott, Senior Lecturer

Craig Stott

Senior Lecturer

Craig Stott (MEng, BArch, MA, ARB) is a Project Office co-director, Architect and Senior Architecture Lecturer at the Leeds School of Architecture, Leeds Beckett University.

Originally trained as a Structural Engineer, Craig’s research attempts to determine the impact of ‘Live’ project learning within architectural education by establishing its value for both the students involved and the communities who act as client for the work undertaken. The intention is to utilise the power of student design to foster ecological and social sustainability in deprived communities through this pedagogic tool.

Craig is the undergraduate Technology coordinator and leads the BA studio CITYzen Agency which situates its explorations in neglected places of post-industrial cities. They consider global imperatives and local issues together, exploring their interconnection and consequence of each on the other. The studio is linked to Project Office, which is a design and research collaboration of staff and students. It is a RIBA Chartered Architecture Practice concerned with making ethical, social and resilient architecture and design.

Research Interests

Craig’s work has been published internationally in exhibitions, edited books and conference journals including: The Competition Grid by RIBA Publishing, All Inclusive Engagement in Architecture by Routledge and Emergent Community Governance presented at the 2016 SEEDS International Conference.

In 2016, Project Office completed New Wortley Community Centre, the largest student designed live project to be built in the UK to date, which subsequently won the Live Project Network Category of the SEED (Social, Economic, Environmental Design) Awards, presented at SFI17 (Structures for Inclusion Conference) in Portland, Oregon in 2017. The project also made the shortlist of the RIBA Journal’s MacEwen Award in 2018.

In 2021, Craig was interviewed by Faculti to discuss the pedagogic value of architectural co-design and the impact this can have on addressing societal inequality.

Craig Stott, Senior Lecturer

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Selected Outputs

  • Warren S; Stott C (2020) The Pedagogic Value of Architectural Co-Design; how embedding students within communities can challenge societal inequality. In: Ferdous F; Bell B ed. All-Inclusive Engagement in Architecture Towards the Future of Social Change. 2020: Routledge, pp. 73-81.

  • Warren SP; Stott CR (2018) Competitions and Educational Structures. In: Theodorou M; Katsakou A ed. The Competition Grid: Experimenting With & Within Architecture Competitions. RIBA Publishing,

  • Stott CR (2012) The Crash Test City. In: Grandry P ed. What is the Future of Architecture?. Berlin: Crap is Good, pp. 232-237.

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  • Stott CR (2019) Evaluating Client Learning through Live Projects - Innovations for Reflective Practice. In: Association of Architectural Educators 2019 Conference; Learning through Practice, 24 April 2019 - 26 April 2019, University of Westminster.

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