academic integrity

Page last updated:
20 Apr 2023

Academic integrity means intellectual honesty and is part of good academic practice. This page will describe how our university may investigate students who have fallen short of good academic practises.

Our university promotes academic integrity and educates students about good academic practice throughout their time at Leeds Beckett University. We will investigate students who are suspected to have fallen short of good academic practice and will provide learning opportunities to enable students to avoid future breaches of the academic integrity regulations.

There are four categories of investigation and investigatory processes are proportionate to the suspected breach. All categories of investigation are carried out at school level.

A breach of the academic integrity regulations is potentially serious and the School Academic Misconduct Board has the power to withdraw a student from the university if they are found to have committed an offence.

More information can be found on Academic Regulations Section 10 and the supporting student factsheet.

Artificial Intelligence

Further interim guidance relating specifically to the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in assessment and the implications for academic integrity is now available.

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