Summer Assistance Fund

Page last updated:
10 Nov 2021

The Leeds Beckett Summer Assistance Fund provides financial support to some students over the university's summer break.

This page explains eligibility, support available and link to the application form.

What is the Summer Assistance Fund?

The Summer Assistance Fund provides support for certain categories of student experiencing financial hardship over the summer break.

The fund is not a general one accessible to all students, but is restricted primarily to those who are unable to receive parental support or work over the summer, whether for study, family or medical reasons.

Assessments primarily look at relevant income and expenditure, providing a contribution towards identified shortfalls where applicable. Some non-standard awards can be made for emergency or additional needs in exceptional cases.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


We will consider an application from you if you are a non-final year student and satisfy one of the following:

  • You have children
  • You are retaking/resitting elements of your course, either in or out of attendance across the summer
  • You are ill or have a disability and are therefore unable to work, and for whom other benefits are not available
  • You are a care leaver, a carer or you are estranged from your parents
  • You are medically unable to work due to Covid-19 (e.g. in shielding category)
  • You are unable to return home for medical reasons (e.g. you or a family member are shielding)
  • If you are a final year student, you can apply if you are resitting exams over the summer period

Students meeting the above eligibility criteria should click on this link to access the online application form.

Once you have submitted your online application along with your supporting documentation, we will assess your application. We aim to send confirmation of the outcome to your university email address within 10 working days, however, due to Covid-19 this may take slightly longer.

We will accept applications from Thursday 17 June up to Friday 30 July.

You can also apply in August. However, this may involve a shorter assessment period.


Where your statutory student funding has already been taken into account in a previous term-time assessment, we will not consider this again. We will take into account all other income.

If you are eligible for welfare benefits during the summer, we will include the relevant benefit figure in your assessment even if you are not yet in receipt of this.


Where relevant, you will need to provide:

  • A confirmation letter / email from your School of how many credits you are resitting / repeating over the summer period
  • Bank statements for the previous month for all of your bank accounts, including savings accounts (and your partner’s accounts if applicable)
  • Documentation confirming your benefits or evidence to show you have applied for these
  • Details and evidence of any other income received over the summer
  • An up-to-date letter from your GP / Consultant to confirm any illness that prevents you from working over the summer period
  • Documentation from your GP / Disability Services / Support Worker (as applicable) to confirm your disability and to confirm you are unable to work over the summer
  • A letter from your social worker to confirm that as a care leaver you do not have any other means of financial support over the summer
  • Any other supplementary evidence that you feel supports your application

Support could include:

  • Help with your day-to-day living costs, such as food, travel and help with housing costs.
  • If you have an outstanding short-term loan from any previous academic year, we will ask you to discuss this with us. We may reduce any award if this is the case.

Note that we can only make awards if there are sufficient funds remaining.

Please also be aware that any award made is merely a contribution towards the above expenses. We emphasise that the fund generally cannot cover all of a student’s assumed shortfall.

Already applied or need more information?

If you have applied for the Summer Assistance Fund you can book an appointment to discuss your application and circumstances in more detail or, if you are having difficulty completing the application. Please use our contact details below to arrange your appointment.

If you have a query over the status of your application or would like more information about the fund, you don’t need to make an appointment and we can usually answer your questions over the phone or via email.

Contact money advice

We offer advice about student funding, benefits, budgeting and debt, over the phone and at appointments. We run a Money Advice Line on 0113 812 5593. It is open Monday to Thursday between 10:00 and 12:00.

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