Nursing, Healthcare and Health Promotion

Focus on helping people and communities recover and maintain their health and quality of life. You could work towards becoming a registered nurse, gain advanced nursing qualifications or study health promotion to address local, national and international health issues.

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Nursing, Healthcare and Health Promotion COURSES
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Making a difference to the health and wellbeing of communities and individuals

School of Health and Community Studies

If you’re passionate about helping people to maintain the best possible health and quality of life, or fighting inequality and protecting the vulnerable, then the School of Health and Community Studies is for you.

All of our research and teaching contributes to this commitment. Many of our undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses are professional body accredited and supported by the latest academic thinking from our research.

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Nursing, Healthcare and Health Promotion COURSES
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Contributing to the health of the whole body

School of Clinical and Applied Sciences

Our work is focused on those aspects of the health sector that contribute to the health of the whole body. These disciplines include physiotherapy, sports therapy, nutrition and dietetics, occupational therapy, environmental health, health and safety, and biomedical sciences. Most of our courses are accredited by a professional body - which demand an environment of high quality and progression into a range of professional careers; based on the university-based studies and associated work-based experiences our graduates have excellent employment rates in their chosen careers.

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