Be a good neighbour

Our relationship with our neighbours is very important to us. As a Leeds Beckett University student, you need to be aware of the responsibilities you have while on campus and in the local community. You have a duty to behave appropriately as outlined in your student contract and if your behaviour is inappropriate the university will take disciplinary action.

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Our expectations of you

You can find details of the university’s expectations around your behaviour as well as the complaints process in the student contact 2021/2022.

Download the Student Contract

The Leeds Beckett student contract

We expect you to conduct yourself at all times in a manner which demonstrates respect for the university, its students and staff, and members of the wider community. When you join you enter into a student contract which outlines our expectations on your behaviour.

These include:

  • Compliance with the university’s regulations and policies on student behaviour and conduct, in particular the student code of conduct
  • Listen to and respect the differing perspectives of those from different cultures and backgrounds
  • Take care with our personal and professional identity, particularly in social and digital interactions and recognise the impact those interactions may have on others

We have a process for members of the local community to report anti-social behaviour and we will carry out disciplinary action on any Leeds Beckett University students found to be involved. Anti-social behaviour is not tolerated and we will enforce our student code of conduct.

Sanctions include:

  • Fines of up to £500
  • Termination of student residency agreement
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion

Public Spaces Protection Order

Leeds City Council implemented a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) on 1 July 2020 for an area of North West Leeds, covering Headingley, Hyde Park, Weetwood, Little London and Woodhouse. This was implemented to tackle serious anti-social behaviour, nuisance and disorder, as well as environmental issues.

The PSPO provides additional powers to prohibit and take enforcement action against certain behaviours in public spaces. Continued failure to comply with any requirements contained under the PSPO could result in enforcement action being taken, which could include a fixed penalty notice of up to £100 or action through the courts by Leeds City Council.

The Public Spaces Protection Order sets out prohibitions for behaviour within this area which you need to be aware of. These include:

  • Anti-social behaviour and criminality
    This means you should not engage in criminal or anti-social behaviour at any time. This includes using abusive language towards others, damaging property (including graffiti) and shouting in the street.
  • Noise nuisance, gatherings of two or more people and parties in residential streets and local parks
    This means that you should not hold gatherings or parties in gardens or streets.
  • Leaving bins and bags of waste on streets and in public spaces
    This means that you must return your bin within the property boundary after collection and not leave bags of waste in gardens or on the street.
  • Being in possession of and consuming alcohol or using psychoactive substances in public spaces
    This means you should not consume alcohol outside of the property boundary and to not take, or allow others to take, psychoactive or illegal substances in your accommodation.

Most of the complaints we receive around noise are from house parties.

Anti-social behaviour and repeated offences of this kind will result in disciplinary action by the university. Sanctions include warnings, fines, suspension and expulsion.

Leeds City Council also responds to complaints about anti-social behaviour and noise nuisance. A legal notice issued by the council can result in a criminal conviction, confiscation of any noise-making equipment, fines of up to £5,000 and closure notices on a house to prohibit entry by visitors or even occupants. A criminal conviction can have a long-term impact on your life and your future career.

Neighbourhood Helpline

We work closely with other universities in the city, Leeds Beckett Students’ Union, Leeds Anti-social Behaviour team and West Yorkshire Police to minimise nuisance and anti-social behaviour in local neighbourhoods.

We encourage our neighbours to use this helpline and we work with Leeds Anti-social Behaviour team and West Yorkshire Police to respond to any nuisance or disorder.

We will take the necessary disciplinary action to enforce the student code of conduct.

Behaviour guide

Please familiarise yourself with our latest campus security, police advice and behaviour guidance

Security and Behaviour Guidance

Waste and recycling

You can check your bin days on the Leeds City Council website. Please don’t leave wheelie bins on streets between collections as they can cause an obstruction for people who need to get past on the pavement.

For more information visit Leeds City Council’s A to Z of reusing, recycling and waste disposal guide.

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Please be good neighbours and be aware of the responsibilities you have as members of the community and ambassadors for the university.

Contact Student Advice

We are located in the Student Services Centres in the Leslie Silver building (City Campus) and Priestley Hall (Headingley Campus). Our opening times are 09:00 - 17:00, Monday to Thursday and 09:00 - 16:30 on Friday.