Parents, carers and guardians

As a parent, guardian, or carer, you play a key role in preparing your loved one for university and supporting them throughout their student journey.

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Please make sure they have:

  • Applied for Student Finance
  • Registered with our Disability Advice team if they have, or think they may have, a disability. 
  • Registered and enrolled with our Online Welcome service. 
  • Uploaded a passport-style photograph for their Campus Card via Online Welcome.
  • Checked their Induction Timetable via Online Welcome. This will tell them what course induction sessions they are required to attend.
  • Checked their arrival date and time if in university accommodation. This will be emailed out to them a few weeks before they’re due to arrive. Our Accommodation web pages also have a useful 'what to bring' section. 
  • Prepared their own checklist of useful items to bring to university.
  • International Students can find all their arrival information online, including how to get to Leeds, visas and immigration, how to pay your tuition fees, accommodation options and more. 

Term Dates

Teaching timetables will be made available to students before the end of the Welcome programme. 

View all term dates
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Rest assured, that the safety and wellbeing of our students is our absolute priority. We want to ensure they have the best possible student experience and a journey with us that prepares them for life beyond Leeds Beckett University. Should they experience any challenges along the way, we will be there to offer advice and support.

Money advice

We asked some of our current students for advice about living on a budget.


Where possible, it is a good idea for new students to bring enough money to last for the first fortnight at university, for food, university materials and transport. Their student loan will not enter their account until at least the first day of term, which is the Monday after Welcome Week begins.

Finance is one of the things which causes the most worry for students, so it is important that they are realistic about how much they have available to spend and that they learn to budget. They may wish to work part time to help fund their time at university.

If they are concerned about money, debt or they need help with budgeting, please suggest they access the information on our Money Advice pages. They will also find out about financial support that they may be entitled to as a student.


Be Beckett Ready

We have created a series of podcasts to help with the transition into university life. Covering a broad range of topics, these are designed to give you a head start on your Leeds Beckett journey.


  1. Contents insurance

    If your child is staying in our Halls of Residence then contents insurance is included in the rent. You can find our policy details here.

  2. TV licensing

    A TV license is required to watch live or on-demand TV on any device that is plugged in. However, they may be covered by your out-of-term address license as long as:

    • Their device is not plugged in while they watch and it's only powered by its own batteries
    • It's not hooked up to an aerial

    You can read more about TV Licensing for students here.

Student Advice Hub

Should the student you are supporting require any help or support, now or in the future, the Student Advice Hub is a great place to start. The team comprises of both officers and advisors who are trained in all aspects of student life, many of whom are Leeds Beckett graduates so know first hand what it is like to be a student with us. Students are able to ask this team any question and if they don't have the answer, they will certainly put the student in touch with someone who does.

Our academic and professional services staff work together to form a coherent support network for students. Often students will choose who they feel most comfortable talking to. All academic and support services available to students are listed in our guide to the student support network.

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Lee Stone Parent

University is ideal in terms of preparing your son or daughter for leaving home. They get an opportunity to experience being independent.