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Guinness Book of World Records

Ben Mosley, a specialist in Audio Engineering and Acoustics, has been working as a consultant with Guinness World Records. Ben has been providing guidance and advice on audio and acoustics based records, ensuring that the guidance and criteria for records is clear, up-to-date and aligns with current standards and practice in the area. Ben says ‘It’s really exciting to be involved with Guinness World Records I always loved the Guinness World Records books’ during my childhood and it’s wonderful to be able to contribute in a small way in my professional life!’.

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Benjamin Mosley

Senior Lecturer / Leeds School Of Arts

Ben Mosley is a Senior Lecturer in the Leeds School of Arts specialising in Audio Engineering and Acoustics. He is Lead Tutor for the BSc (Hons) Audio Engineering course and teaches across a wide range of audio and acoustics modules.

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