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Working to create best-in-class digital resources for youth coaches and an online community where coaches can exchange knowledge and ideas with their peers.


Impact of our partnership

  1. Research with impact

    Research conducted by Leeds Beckett University found that 80% of coaches in the European Union are volunteers. We found that education for these coaches is often fragmented and that many coaches operate without appropriate training or qualifications. In response to this, we are working with a series of partners under the initiative with a shared commitment to improve the health, wellbeing and participation of young people in sport and physical activity. Our ICOACHKIDS partnerships focus on improving the quality of coaching by championing play and sport environments that are fun, safe, inclusive and put young people first. 

  2. Partnerships

    One of our most high-profile partnerships through ICOACHKIDS is with Nike.

    At Leeds Beckett we work to influence policy and practice in youth sport, and this partnership is an example of the positive impact we are helping to make. By partnering with Nike, we have paved the way for our educational resources to reach thousands of coaches and organisations globally. Our studies have also found that women and people from minority ethnic backgrounds are underrepresented in coaching, and through our ICOACHKIDS partnership with Nike we hope to increase the quality, quantity and diversity of trained volunteer youth coaches. 

  3. Sports performance support

    In doing this, we are helping children to achieve their full potential. This is because coaches are central to ensuring that children perform to the best of their ability, as they have the power to make or break the child’s experience in sport. This is especially true for children who face additional barriers to participate, which is why Nike’s Made to Play commitment is so central to our partnership. 

The new ICOACHKIDS website

Our recent work through ICOACHKIDS also includes the redesign of its website to help coaches easily access our educational resources as well as connect with each other through our new interactive features.

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