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preparing for university

Preparing for university is an exciting time but we also know that it requires lots of organisation and preparation before you make the move and start your studies. That’s why we’ve put together some tips for arrival as well as an insight into moving day so that you know exactly what to do beforehand and what to expect when you get here.

Tips for your arrival

  1. Complete online welcome

    Before anything else, you need to ensure that you have completed your ‘Online Welcome’. This is a hub of super useful information, and it’s really important that you explore all of this site before you join us. It contains information on things such as student finance, timetables, and you’ll be able to upload your photo for your student ID card.

  2. Get social

    If you don’t already, follow Leeds Beckett on social media. We recommend following or liking our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat accounts, as we post different content on each. You’ll see that we share lots of important information and reminders, as well as exciting things like events on campus and giveaways. Oh, and you’ll also see that we’re fond of posting pictures of our campus cat! You’ll also be able to join our Freshers Facebook group, and get to know people before you even arrive.

  3. Get snug as a bug...

    Well, plan for getting that university room snug we mean! Print off pictures that are special to you and buy yourself some nice frames. Why not also go shopping and grab lots of things to make your room homely, like fairy lights, cushions and posters? Posters are always a conversation starter, as well as a simple and cheap item to add character to your new bedroom. You might even have some random sentimental items hanging around the house that will remind you of good times, like that magnet you bought in Spain when you were little. Make sure you put these things on your packing list too – no matter how random. You’ll be amazed at how happy these memories can make you if you’re ever feeling a bit homesick.

  4. Create a packing list

    For a stress-free move to uni, do your packing as far in advance as possible. It’s important that you make a list, to ensure that you don’t forget anything important, but also to ensure you’re not taking anything unnecessary.

    Take a look at the what to bring page on our accommodation site, as it will tell you what is included already in your halls (and therefore what you don’t need to bring). By creating your list nice and early, you’ll avoid any of the last-minute stress, and it gives you time to reflect on whether you really need to take that 15th pair of shoes.

    It’s also a good idea to include these (often forgotten) items on your list:

    • Hangers (the more the merrier)
    • Hot water bottle (for when it gets chilly, or for comfort)
    • Dressing gown (because dressing gowns solve all problems)
    • First aid kit (trust us – you’ll need it at some point)
    • Sewing kit (you’ll be amazed at how often this comes in handy)
    • Tupperware (these always go missing, fact!)
    • Recipe book (impress your new housemates)
    • Passport photos (these always come in handy for one thing or another)
    • Ear plugs (may not be necessary, but just in case of noisy housemates)
    • Tea towels – (you can never have too many of these)

    If you do forget anything, there’s plenty of places to go and grab a replacement here in Leeds. Heading out on a shopping trip with your flatmates in your first week is actually a great way to break the ice and explore the city.

  5. Think about transport

    Our advice is to leave your car at home. You won’t need a car to make the most of your student experience in Leeds and, due to City Council regulations, parking around campus is very limited. Before you arrive, it’s a good idea to plan your journey to and from university each day, and work out whether it’s a good idea to buy a travel pass. You could also consider a bike - you can hire a bike from us for £35 per semester or £50 for the year (plus deposit). There are different ones to choose from and a D-lock and lights are included. We’ve provided tyre pumps and secure cycle storage on each campus too.

  6. Food, glorious food

    Something which parents often worry about is that their children will live off a diet of instant noodles and cereal when they’re at university. Well, why not settle your parents’ nerves before you arrive by topping up one of our campus food cards? That way, they can be sure that you’ll always be able to afford a delicious and nutritious meal from one of our many campus food outlets.

  7. Check out what support is available to you

    Our Wellbeing team is a team of professionals who can help you should you ever feel the need for support. It's worth taking a look at what support is available to you once you arrive here, just in case you may ever need it.

    If you have a long term health condition, such as diabetes, epilepsy, or a mental health condition such as anxiety or depression; a specific learning difficulty, such as dyslexia; or a physical disability, such a hearing or visual impairment you can speak to our Disability Advice team. Supporting our students is really important to us, and the earlier you make contact the better so we can try to get tailored support ready for when you arrive.

  8. Take a look at your work

    Okay, we know that this one sounds a little bit nerdy. It is, however, always a good idea to take a look at what modules you’ll be studying, and get an overview of what you’ll be learning. By knowing in advance what will come up in your first few lectures, you’ll feel way more calm and prepared. You may even want to purchase some textbooks and begin to skim through them. We don’t advise buying too many textbooks though – usually, only the core one for each module is necessary to buy.

  9. Spend time with family and friends

    Now, here’s a nice task for you. It’s always a great idea to cram in plenty of quality time with your nearest and dearest before you head off to university. We’re sure that when you do arrive, your diary will be jam packed and you may not get home as often as you like.

    And finally…. Get excited! You’re about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, and we’re sure you’re going to love it.

Student View

Moving to a university is an exciting time with lots of new experiences ahead. You may be wondering how and where you will make friends and whether you will settle in. Our students have been in your position and want to assure you that you will make friends and have put together some tips for settling in.

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It might seem like a huge and daunting task, packing your life up and moving - but i promise it's not. Give yourself plenty of time to pack, and I would recommend making a tick list of everything you want to bring (because there will always be something you’ll forget!).

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Meet your future friends and course mates

Our Applicants Facebook group is a great way to meet other students joining us at Leeds Beckett in September. You can find your coursemates, flatmates and hear from current students about life at LBU.

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student wellbeing team

supporting you

We understand that while university is an exciting time, it can also have its stresses. Moving away from home, exam pressure and dealing with mental health difficulties are things some students seek support for during their time at Leeds Beckett.

As well as your course tutor you can talk to our Student Wellbeing Team made up of counsellors and mental health practitioners. They are skilled and experienced in recognising how emotional and mental health difficulties can affect your time at university and can offer a range of support to help you.

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If you're interested in joining us or want to know more about the application process, your chosen course or what to expect when you get here, there's lots of ways to get in touch. You can call or email our Admissions team, chat to one of our amazing Student Ambassadors or stay in touch by providing us with a few contact details to get all the latest information about courses, events and student life!