It's a melting pot of different industries, people, and ideas. It's a place where the things you learn happen every day, and where you can see trends emerge just yards from your door.

But why choose this city?

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 a growing economy

Be part of a city with promise

Make your home in Leeds, and you'll discover a place that's built for you. It's one of the largest legal and financial centres in the UK outside of London, with international banks, financial firms, and thriving insurance services. It's a former industrial hub that's harnessed its skills to excel in engineering, manufacturing, healthcare, and the digital industries.

Leeds is forecasted to grow fast over the next decade, which makes it a perfect place to learn about business, and see the impact of development, expansion and innovation.


Forecasted economic growth for Leeds over the next ten years.

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    Find an exciting job

    Discover a centre for opportunity

    We prepare students for a lifetime of employment. And there are thousands of businesses on our doorstep, calling out for talent.

    Our region is home to Channel 4 and the government's new national infrastructure bank. Asda and Sky Bet are headquartered here. And our thriving city centre will soon be complemented by the massive South Bank Leeds regeneration project, featuring 8,000 new homes and 35,000 new jobs.

    It's a place where the right skills could lead to unexpected opportunities. Maybe you'll find an exciting job in finance, or media, or law, or retail. We'll put you in touch with these major employers early, through guest lectures, collaborative industry projects, and careers fairs.

    Our degrees give you the skills you need to succeed anywhere in the world. So it's lucky that Leeds is also a transport hub, with an expanding international airport, and convenient rail links to major cities such as London, Manchester and Edinburgh.

    Over 30 national and international banks and building societies are based in Leeds

    Careers and opportunities
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      A home for new business

      Start a thriving business here

      During your time at Leeds Beckett, you'll explore new thinking, and consider different strategies for making businesses work. And there's no better way to learn those lessons than to see them in action. Leeds is home to a healthy start-up and small business hub, so you'll be able to examine how they work first-hand. You'll also see how policies and growth support can impact on the health of a business ecosystem.

      We don't just study and research for our own benefit. Our work is carried out in collaboration with organisations and businesses all over the region, through Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, accelerator programmes, competitions, and placements. You'll get the chance to work with these businesses, and maybe learn the skills you need to start one of your own.


      There are over 6000 small and medium sized businesses in Leeds alone.

      Leeds City Council

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        An arts and culture hub

        Express yourself here

        You didn't just come here to learn about business.

        Leeds is a dynamic and transformative city. It's a place to meet people from all over the world, and share experiences and ideas. It's a place to broaden your horizons, with exceptional art, dance, theatre, literature and events. It's a place where major bands got their start, and local legends found their people.

        Most of all, it's a place where you find the community that builds you up, and shares your joy. Maybe you'll be soaking up the atmosphere cheering on Leeds United at Elland Road, or learning your craft at one of the city's music venues, arts communities or theatre groups. Whatever you do, you'll find that we're a friendly bunch, who'll help you be you.

        Get to know life in Leeds
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