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Degree apprenticeships

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transform your team with tomorrow's skills

Every business is under pressure to think big and stay agile. A Degree Apprenticeship gives companies the chance to supercharge their workforce by diversifying their skills, and immersing them in new approaches and technologies.

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What is a degree Apprenticeship?

A Degree Apprenticeship gives applicants the opportunity to boost their knowledge while being employed by a company.

It's a chance for employees to learn the latest knowledge and techniques alongside industry experts, and take that insight back to their employer. Companies can upskill their workforce and discover the latest ways of doing business.

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Why do a degree Apprenticeship?

A degree apprenticeship is an ideal opportunity for any employee who wants to:

  • Earn a full-time wage while studying for a degree
  • Transform their skillset, without leaving the workplace
  • Work with industry leaders, and learn new technologies and approaches
  • Get all the benefits of a university education, including workplace mentors and top-class training facilities

Degree apprentices are also entitled to paid time off for studying, and a flexible education that complements their work schedule.

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Why is this exciting for employers?

Any training is an investment. Here's why this is worth it:

  • Your employees know what your business is like now
    A degree apprenticeship can help you keep up with trends and technologies, and still retain the staff you know and trust.
  • Fill your skills gaps
    Whether you're planning to offer new services, or just looking to improve performance, we can develop your staff to help you meet your future strategic goals.
  • Boost your innovation, and productivity
    Say goodbye to the old way of doing things. With new ideas, approaches and skills, your workforce will be more inspired, more effective and more confident.
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