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At Leeds Beckett University, we want to answer the big questions faced by people and organisations across the world. But, to have a meaningful impact, we want to share that knowledge.

We want to create and share knowledge that helps address global challenges. We want businesses to be more sustainable, more innovative, more productive, and more ethical.

We work with all sorts of companies - from small startups to established corporates - to nurture more confident and empowered staff, find better ways of working, and deliver impactful research and ideas.

Our Sustainable Business Research Institute and Futures Research Group bring together different disciplines and partners to ensure that we meet tomorrow's challenges in a powerful yet responsible way.  

Let's solve those challenges together.

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Tap into our expertise

If you need a fresh perspective or an injection of insight, why not try a Knowledge Transfer Partnership?

A KTP enables you to bring in a highly-skilled graduate to work on a project or challenge, typically for between a year and three years.

They'll be able to pass on specialist knowledge, and help you explore new opportunities and ways of working.

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Inspire others with your story

Are you interested in meeting your employees of the future?

Are you keen to pass on your knowledge, so that the next generation can learn from your experience?

We want our students to graduate with a strong sense of what to expect from their careers, with industry-ready skills and mindsets. That's why we're always looking for inspiring industry leaders with stories to tell. 

You could choose to take part in a Q&A, a lecture, or help in some other way.

Guest lecture series

As part of our commitment to sharing knowledge and expertise across the business community, our guest lecture series is open to businesses, professionals, students, alumni and staff.
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Want to know more? Reach out to us via our contact details or connect with us on social media.

Or, if you'd like regular updates from the university, stay in touch by providing us with a few contact details to get all the latest information about courses, events and student life!