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If you're looking for skills or new thinking, there's no better place to go than university. Every day, we work with businesses just like yours to bring ideas to life.

How can we work together?

Collaborating on innovative projects
Tapping into world-class research
Giving your team the skills of the future
Connecting with exceptional graduates
Researching emerging trends and opportunities
Help in unlocking funding and networks


helping your business to grow, sustain and thrive

Louise O'Brien, Managing Director of Greyhound Box Ltd

Supporting a local business through lockdown and beyond

"Some of the ideas on marketing especially have provided us with useful tools for the company profile and how we can present ourselves in a professional manner." 

Deb Hetherington

Using insight to support local SMEs

"Without doubt, the best part of working with Leeds Business School is the impact the team can have within an SME. It's almost a well-kept secret, the sheer level of quality business support wrapped up in the university..."

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