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Work-Based Learning as an Integrated Curriculum (WBLIC)

Matching the planning and delivery of learner experiences with employer and labour market needs.

Work-Based Learning as an Integrated Curriculum (WBLIC)

The Challenge

In today’s challenging economic climate the higher education curricula must match graduate skills to employer’s needs. Creating an integrated curriculum is one of the key factors to ensuring this need is met.

The Approach

The Work Based Learning as Integrated Curriculum project aims to develop accredited higher education provision of work based learning (WBL) through the development and implementation of an integrated curriculum, which matches the planning and delivery of learner experiences with employer and labour market needs. The Framework is part of a much wider study which includes a review of the current state of development of WBL developments in seven European States.

The Impact

12 case studies at the programme level and one at the institutional level and a final report have been developed. All are available from the Work-Based Learning as an Integrated Curriculum (WBLIC) website. Further impact will be achieved through the development of work relevant curricula and student learning at the workplace and in practice. The research will support programme developers and inform approaches to involving enterprises in curricular design and reform. A set of guiding principles, frameworks and models will be developed that can be transferred to a range of contexts. This can inform effective integration of WBL into the curriculum and thereby facilitate greater cooperation between higher education establishments and enterprises, making education more open and relevant to the needs of the labour market as well as the individual student or practitioner.

Report: A framework for Good Practice

Project completed: 2015

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