Health and social care practice learning hub

Page last updated:
06 Apr 2023

The Practice Learning Team manages professional placements and work-based learning for health and social care courses within the School of Health and School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

We provide clear and effective processes to support practice learning and to manage the quality of the student's placement experience. We source and allocate up to 3500 placements annually in the NHS, local authorities, and private, independent and voluntary organisations.

What we do:

  • Provide support and guidance for our academic groups who are developing placement partnerships with new and emerging employers
  • Provide training across all professions for practice educators to enable them to provide effective support for our students in practice
  • Manage stakeholder events and practice networks for each professional group
  • Support our students in sourcing and applying for placement opportunities
  • Manage access to online assessment processes and resources for students on placement, and our practice educators
  • Manage data and knowledge transfers to Health Education England and other local universities to facilitate capacity initiatives and allocation processes across health professions

In these pages you'll find helpful resources, guidance and contact information.

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