Dr Beccy Watson, Reader

Dr Beccy Watson


Dr Beccy Watson is a Reader in the Carnegie School of Sport. Beccy’s research focuses on interrelationships between gender, 'race' and class and informs work on leisure, identities and intersectional approaches in the critical, social analysis of leisure and sport. She is a member of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Research Centre and the Institute of Sport, Physical Activity and Leisure.

Beccy is the Academic Lead for the Graduate School at Leeds Beckett and is currently supervising Research Students across leisure, sport, dance and performance. She is also responsible for staff development programmes across Research Student Supervision and Researcher Development. She teaches across undergraduate and postgraduate modules focusing on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion across leisure and sport. Beccy was a Managing Editor for the Routledge Journal Leisure Studies between 2007 and 2014. She is currently a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal Leisure Sciences.

Dr Beccy Watson, Reader

Selected Outputs

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