Dr Annette Stride, Course Director and Reader

Dr Annette Stride

Course Director and Reader

Annette is a Principal Lecturer and Course Director in the Physical Education Academic Group where she teaches on, and oversees provision of, the Physical Education undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes. Her teaching is underpinned by research with a social justice agenda.

Prior to embarking upon a career in education Annette worked in a number of positions in the sport industry, working for various public, private and voluntary sector organisations. She began teaching in 1996, working in three major further education providers before taking the Head of Physical Education, Recreation and Public Services position at Bradford College. In 2007 Annette joined the University as a recipient of one of the University’s Centenary PhD Bursaries and in 2009 was appointed to the full time staff.

In 2012 Annette completed her PhD ‘Telling Tales of Difference? Exploring South Asian, Muslim Girls’ Experiences of Physical Education and Physical Activity.' Annette continues to research in the area of social justice where her work typically focuses upon populations that experience marginalisation, discrimination or disadvantage in PE, sport and physical activity contexts. Annette draws upon her expertise to teach across the Physical Education programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate level and to supervise doctoral students. In 2017 Annette was appointed to the role of Course Director for the Physical Education Academic Group where she oversees the suite of Physical Education courses offered.

Current Teaching

Annette currently teaches on the Masters in Physical Education and Youth Sport and the B.A. (Hons) Physical Education.

  • She teaches on the following modules:
  • Understanding Young People’s Experiences of Physical Education and Youth Sport (L7)
  • Research Methods (L7)
  • Research Project (L6 and L7)
  • Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (L6)
  • PE and Sport Pedagogy (Aquatics) (L4)
Annette contributes to the Graduate School's Research Training Programme, providing research development and training for staff and students. She also supervises PhD students studying a variety of social justice related topics.


Research Interests

Annette's research typically has a social justice agenda, working with populations often marginalised or disadvantaged within sport, PE and physical activity contexts. More specifically, she is interested in how the connections between gender and other identity markers including ethnicity, disability and sexuality influence people’s involvement in sport, PE and physical activity. Within her research, Annette draws on a range of innovative, creative and participatory research methods to engage her participants.

Annette has worked with practitioners and policy makers on various external research projects, including the British Council, the Football Association, Women in Sport, the Institute of Youth Sport and Sportscoach UK and the Women’s Sports and Fitness Foundation. Annette presents her work at national and international conferences and is the Co-Convener of the Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy Special Interest Group of the British Educational Research Association.

Dr Annette Stride, Course Director and Reader

Ask Me About

  1. Gender
  2. Racism
  3. Race

Selected Outputs

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