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The Story Makers Company


The Story Makers Company

The rationale behind the Story Makers Company is to further develop creative, artistic, child centred learning opportunities for young people through story making in Educational and Community settings. This approach to education aims to reengage young learners, build their confidence, develop social skills, spark imagination, develop oracy, create community and reinvigorate existing provision in Education. Led by research informed academics and leading experts, we provide training and consultancy for a range of professionals including teachers, youth workers and other multidisciplinary practitioners. 


You can now view the Story makers Dialogues here.

Our ethos

It is through story making and remaking that humans make sense of the world and themselves. We value story as a social, cultural and artistic craft through which to develop a deeper sense of self and community. The act of making, sharing and responding imaginatively to story offers an inclusive emotional and intellectual learning space. 

Creative network and The Hub

We work in partnership with some of the most innovative and cutting edge Drama, Theatre and Arts Practitioners in the North. The hub facilitates research opportunities, celebrates and shares creative practice through conferences. We also nurture partnerships between Universities, schools and other placement and community settings.

Our research focuses on the following areas:

  • Critical and Creative Pedagogy
  • Identity, Agency and Wellbeing
  • Social Change

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