Course Representatives

Page last updated:
08 Sep 2021

Course representatives are student volunteers who represent your views at course-level, at School forums and in meetings with academic and administrative staff.

What is the role of a course representative?

Course representatives are individuals who are elected by the student body to represent the views of their course. They provide feedback on the views of their cohort at course representative meetings on different academic matters, such as the curriculum and timetabling. Course reps play a large role in ensuring that students are having an enjoyable experience whilst at university.

How do I become a course representative?

If you would like more information about the role and how you can become one (or if you would like to find out who the course representative is for your cohort), you can:

What are Course Representatives? Here’s a ninety second guide to what Course Representatives are, what they do for you and importantly how you can become one!

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