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06 Sep 2021

Please note you are not able to borrow more than your total calculated cost of attendance (COA).

An undergraduate’s course duration is typically 39 weeks, and a postgraduate and research graduate will be 52 weeks for September starters and 52 weeks for January starters. Typical costs included in the COA are below.

Room - university accommodation

  • £178 p/w
  • This cost is based upon a Halls of Residence (including en-suite) shown to be used by US students and is mid-range in cost

Board - food, bills and personal expenses

  • £110 p/w
  • This is to cover food, utilities and personal expenses
  • The cost for personal expenses is based upon a reasonable level of spending using the UK student loan rates and benefits entitlements
  • Estimate includes clothing, mobile phone costs, entertainment and personal items

Books and photocopying

  • £12 p/w
  • This should cover the purchase of books and other course materials as well as photocopying and printing whilst at the university
  • Course costs will vary from course to course. It is possible to purchase second-hand books from the Students' Union based on both campuses

Travel costs

  • £25.60 p/w
  • This is based on the purchase of a student weekly 'Metro Card'
  • If your preferred accommodation is within walking distance of campus then your weekly cost could be a lot less, if not zero

Gym membership

  • £150 annually

Flights / transfers

  • £2000 annually
  • This is based on return flights between Heathrow and Los Angeles travelling at the weekend and airport transfers
  • You should base your figure on where you live and when you intend to travel
  • Please remember to include the total cost of arriving at your accommodation. Leeds Bradford international airport is 7.5 miles from the university. Taxis to campus cost £25-30, buses cost £5. Please note that you will need to fly via Amsterdam or London Heathrow to land here
  • There are direct flights to Manchester Airport

Visa application

  • £348 annually
  • Please include the visa application fee (currently £348) and travel costs for your visa. This is payable in your first year only
  • Find out more about visas

Immigration Health Surcharge

  • £470 annually
  • This is payable in advance with your visa application. The current rate is £470 per year of study
  • This gives you access to the National Health Service (NHS) although you will still need to pay for certain types of healthcare. Find out more on our health and wellbeing for international students page

PC and Printer

  • £550 on / off
  • This is based on the cost of a good quality laptop from a UK shop, plus a printer available in your first year only
  • Remember university accommodation includes wireless internet and free Wi-Fi is available to all staff and students on the campus

Please note these costs may be subject to some changes, dependent upon mode of course delivery.

Information about your tuition fees can be accessed on our Tuition Fees Payment page.

Similarly, more information regarding accommodation types and costs can be found on our Accommodation page.

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