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Mitigation and Extenuating Circumstances

Mitigation and Extenuating Circumstances

 Updated January 2021

Students must complete the online form to apply for Individual mitigation if they are unable to undertake assessments due to Coronavirus (Covid-19) or other circumstances.

The University recognises that, from time to time, students may encounter issues which may prevent them from being able to submit or take assessment. Where this is the case, students can submit their 'extenuating circumstances' for consideration.

We have adapted our usual processes to reflect the current exceptional circumstances due to Coronavirus (Covid-19). The use of the online mitigation form has been carried forward into the Academic Year 2020/21, in recognition of our ongoing support for students in this uncertain situation.

Please be assured that should you fall ill with this virus and have to self-isolate, now, or at any time, we will make sure you do not suffer academic disadvantage. If you are not ill but the requirement to self-isolate impacts on your ability to complete assessment/ attend exams, you may also apply for an extension or mitigation. Similarly, there may be other factors related to the virus which are impacting on your ability to complete assessment/ attend exams

Examples of extenuating circumstances include illness (including Coronavirus (Covid-19), bereavement, serious family illness or being a victim of crime and other circumstances where your academic performance has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

You can submit one request at a time, for example,  if you plan to request an extension and also request mitigation then you have to make two online submissions. 

We accept that it will be difficult to obtain evidence from a GP or health care professional at the present time. For students wishing to request an extension, self-certification for up to 10 working days will be permitted. 

Mitigation related to Coronavirus (Covid-19):

Where a student’s request for mitigation relates to periods in excess of 10 working days and directly related to coronavirus (Covid-19) then independent documentary or medical evidence normally will not be required to be submitted to support mitigation requests. 

You are still required to complete this form in full outlining your extenuating circumstances and provide a short statement of your current circumstances and how these have impacted on your studies.

Mitigation not related to Coronavirus (Covid-19):

Where a student’s request for mitigation relates to periods in excess of 10 working days and not related to coronavirus (Covid-19) then independent documentary or medical evidence normally will be required to be submitted to support mitigation requests. You can attach any documentary evidence to this online form.

We now have one online form which covers mitigation being sought in relation to Coronavirus (Covid-19) (Part A of the form) and/or mitigation due to other extenuating circumstances unrelated to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) (Part B of the form). If a student’s circumstances relate to both Coronavirus (Covid-19) and other extenuating circumstances, they should complete Parts A and B.

The online form is available at the link below

You are strongly advised to speak to an adviser at the Students’ Union Advice Service before completing the form so they can advise you on how to present your circumstances.

Further information including the Student factsheet on Extenuating Circumstances and Mitigation can be found in Section 8 of our Academic Regulations at the link below

Academic Regulations | Leeds Beckett University

For Further information on Automatic assessment submission extensions in the event of electronic submission system failure please click on the link below

Extension Policy - Electronic System Unavailability



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