Paul Wilmott Scholarship

Paul had a lifelong passion for sound recording, live broadcasting and audio engineering

The Paul Wilmott Scholarship is awarded to one first year student each year, who is studying audio engineering or broadcast media technology. The student will have excelled in their entry qualifications and succeeded in being the first in their family to attend university.

The scholarship is endowed in perpetuity, and was created to celebrate Paul's life and his outstanding contribution to the university. A consummate professional, his technical and creative ability with sound was second to none. From designing and building bespoke audio equipment, to setting up complex multi-microphone rigs for concerts, to mixing live PA sound, live streaming and multi-camera video recordings, Paul could turn his hand to every aspect and excel in them all.

Outside of his work at the university, Paul was technical lead at York Hospital Radio, where he had volunteered since his teens. He was also responsible for outside broadcast sound, typically from theatre performances in York, and even the Christmas services from York Minster.

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A natural teacher with exceptional patience, Paul enjoyed passing on his passion, high standards and vast experience to students from similar subject areas. The video and audio production unit regularly facilitated modules and practical teaching sessions for students from The Northern Film School, Broadcast Technology and Broadcast Journalism.

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