Governance and Nominations Committee

Information about the university's Governance and Nominations Committee, including terms of reference, membership, meetings and minutes.

The Governance and Nominations Committee advises the Board on:

  • The appointment of governors and their induction, mentoring and development
  • The appointment of the Chair and Deputy Chair of the Board
  • The appointment of the Chairs and members of Committee
  • The performance of Chairs and recommends appropriate remuneration
  • The statutory obligations of the Board regarding the Students’ Union
  • Developments and good practice in governance
  • The conduct of Board of Governors' business
  • The formulation of governance objectives in the Strategic Plan
  • The constitutional arrangements of the university’s subsidiary and associated companies and the proper conduct of their business

The Committee has delegated authority to:

  • Monitor and review achievement of the governance objectives in the Strategic Plan
  • Monitor the University’s compliance with legal and regulatory requirements e.g. OfS, Freedom of Information and Data Protection Acts, the Office of the Independent Adjudicator and UK Visas and Immigration
  • Approve the Corporate Governance Statement for inclusion in the University’s Financial Statements
  • Monitor academic matters from time to time

  • The Chair is Professor Peter Marsh
  • The Secretary is Kate Harvey

Agendas and non-confidential reports from meetings for the current and previous year are available below.

Meetings and minutes

Contact - Kate Harvey