Carnegie Class of 75-77 Scholarship

The Carnegie Family

The Carnegie Class of 75-77 Scholarship was set up by graduates who studied in the Carnegie School of Physical Education from 1975-77. The idea was to celebrate their time at Carnegie while enabling others to have the same opportunities, emphasising their ongoing connections and friendships as part of ‘the Carnegie family’.

The scholarship is awarded to one first year student each year studying in the Carnegie School of Sport, who has excelled in their entry qualifications, and is the first in their family to attend university.

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Large group of former Carnegie students standing on James Graham step from recent reunion.

As graduates we still feel very strongly that we are part of a Carnegie family. We all agreed that we wanted to put something back so that current Carnegie students who might have financial difficulties could fulfil their learning ambitions, make the most of the same amazing educational experience that we all did, and be able to graduate and become part of that wider Carnegie family.

Bob Mitchell Cert Ed Education with Physical Education, 1976

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