Professor Bligh Scholarship

The scholarship rewards students who can show they can think for themselves and argue their ideas

The Professor Bligh Scholarship is awarded to one first- or second-year student each year, who displays academic enthusiasm and innovation, celebrating their achievement in being the first in their family to attend university. The scholarship looks for an intellectual rebel; someone prepared to challenge established beliefs, yet able to argue both sides of an issue. This someone is principled and never stops asking questions, but is open minded, not dogmatic.

Professor Donald Bligh graduated in Teacher Training from Leeds Beckett University in 1958. He believes that universities are integral for not only teaching knowledge, but also creating new knowledge and new interpretations of old knowledge. This can be achieved using imagination and by testing ideas, informed by research and intellectual criticism.

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Professor Bligh and two female scholarship recipients

The scholarship supports the student financially and for a period of 12 months, Professor Bligh is available as a mentor. Professor Bligh can help to take the successful scholar’s ideas further and develop the appropriate study methods to do so.

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