look below the  surface of history

History isn't just one story. It's a subject that explores the tales we tell each other, and why. It's the study of how we experience events, interpret them and learn from them. It's a subject for good listeners, critical thinkers, and diligent researchers. It's a course that prepares you for our modern world, and for a thousand different careers.

Simon Morgan

Whether you are analysing a report on Victorian poverty or recording a podcast on colonial history, at Leeds Beckett you will be studying the past while preparing for the future with our vibrant, inclusive and innovative history degrees.



BA (Hons)


Two women reading history artefacts

your student experience

Our students arrive with a passion for history, and for knowledge. They leave with a range of critical and research skills, and a world of opportunity at their feet. You'll learn how to explore events from different perspectives, and how our narratives are built. You'll be part of a diverse community that will support you, and challenge how you think. Discover how many doors a history degree can open.

your teaching community

Our diverse, experienced teaching staff will help you explore the past, and how it shapes our futures. Our specialism lies in post-1700 modern history, including the French Revolution, Apartheid South Africa and Thatcher's Britain. Many of our community are engaged in leading interdisciplinary international research, so you'll see how our work impacts on our field first-hand.